A Grand Day Out


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Episode Title:
A Grand Day Out.
Episode Description:
As Wallace and Gromit relax at home, trying to decide where to spend their upcoming bank holiday, Wallace decides to fix a snack of tea and crackers with cheese. Finding no cheese in the kitchen, he decides that the pair should go to a place known for its cheese. After browsing several possible locations, a glance out the window at the night sky gives them the idea to travel to the moon, since, according to Wallace, "everybody knows the moon's made of cheese." They build a rocket in the basement and pack for the trip, but after lighting the fuse, Wallace realises that he has forgotten to bring any crackers. Hurrying to the kitchen, he grabs several boxes and returns to the rocket just in time for liftoff. When they arrive on the moon, they discover that the entire landscape is in fact made of cheese. They set up a picnic and sample some, but are unable to match its taste to any cheese they know (Wallace thinks it tastes like Wensleydale, Stilton and Camembert). Looking for a different spot, they encounter "The Cooker," a wheeled, mechanised, coin-operated device that resembles an oven and storage cabinet. Wallace inserts a 10-pence coin, but nothing happens immediately; only after he and Gromit have left does the Cooker spring to life, popping jointed arms out of its side panels. When it finds the picnic site, it becomes agitated and gathers up the dirty dishes; finding a skiing magazine nearby, it develops a desire to travel to Earth and experience the sport. The Cooker glues a discarded spike of cheese back onto the spot from which Wallace cut it, issues a parking ticket for the rocket, and becomes annoyed by an oil leak from the craft.

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