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Sky Raker explains to Silver Crow that although he had lost his wings, he may be able to fly if he learns to use the Incarnate System, which allows Burst Linkers access to abilities using their will power alone. Silver Crow then accepts her offer to teach him how to use the system. Later that night, Sky Raker explains how her enhanced jumping ability led to an obsession of possessing true aviation, sending her into madness, by falling out with her friend, Black Lotus, asking the latter to amputate her avatar's legs. As the training begins, Sky Raker tasks Silver Crow with climbing up the Unlimited Field's version of the Tokyo Tower, which proves easy enough in the desert phase. However, a transition changes the field into the Demonic City and the tower turns into impenetrable metal. Silver Crow realizes that he can pierce the metal if he wills himself to, literally bending the nature of Brain Burst's programming code, also taking into consideration what Kuroyukihime told him about his speed. On the 7th day, Silver Crow finally puts his new knowledge to the test and reaches the top of the tower whilst awakening a new piercing ability. The next day, Sky Raker meets with Haruyuki in the real world and transfers her armament, Gale Thruster. Haruyuki then promises to regain his flight using his own power so he can return her armament back to her some day, as well as reassuring her that her bond with Kuroyukihime is not broken.

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