Afro Samurai: Resurrection


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Episode Title:
Afro Samurai: Resurrection.
Episode Description:
Resurrection is a continuation of the original story, in which Afro fought to obtain the No. 1 headband and defeat his father's killer. The story begins with Afro refusing to wear the No. 1 headband as the rules require, spending his days making wooden sculptures of people from his past instead of fighting. Afro has a dream, about him going fishing and still wearing the number 2 headband. After dispatching two swordsman and a group of assassins on a bridge, he sees two people crucified, one of them being his father and the other one being Justice. His father, in pain, calls Afro and begins losing flesh. Afro wakes up in scream. One dark and stormy night, Jinno and a mysterious woman named Sio attack Afro. Jinno easily defeats Afro and takes the No. 1 headband for Sio. Jinno opens the grave of Afro's father and takes the remains. Sio reveals herself as Jinno's sister and tells Afro her plans to resurrect Afro's father Rokutaro so she can torture him as revenge against Afro for the lives he has destroyed, including her brother's and her own. Sio challenges Afro to find the No. 2 headband to earn the right to challenge her. Afro, determined to recover the No. 1 headband and his father's remains, sets off to find the No. 2 headband. At "Lady's Luck Town" in a stripper/sex club, Afro Samurai finds Brother 1 (confined to a standing wheelchair) and Brother 3. Afro wages his life on a dice game for information on the No. 2 headband. Brother 3 cheats, but Afro knows and threatens to kill him, forcing Brother 3 to identify the bearer of the No. 2 headband is a man named Shichigoro. Afro, in search of Shichigoro, coincidentally kills the kidnapper of Shichigoro's son and prompts Shichigoro to buy him a drink. Bound by honor, they fight to the death with the No. 2 headband at stake, and upon victory, Afro continues on toward Sio. Shichigoro's adopted son Kotaro, who witnesses his father's death, sobs and then vows revenge over the dead body of his father much like Afro and Justice. After claiming the number 2 headband, Afro confronts Sio and Jinno again, this time Sio holds the resurrected head of Rokutaro, Afro's father. He tries to attack Sio, but his attack is repelled by Jinno.

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