Aladdin Season 1 Episode 2 Bad Mood Rising


You will Watch Aladdin Season 1 Episode 2 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Aladdin Episode 2 Bad Mood Rising. Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, Iago and Genie head off on Carpet to open trade with Quirkistan. The gang is shocked to find Quirkistan a dreary wasteland; it turns out that the land is enchanted, and the weather and states of things are determined solely by the mood of King Mamoud, Quirkistan's spoiled child king. He's currently brooding over everyone missing his birthday party, and as a result, the whole land is doomed. So, with the prospect of a rich treasure reward, the gang tries to cheer up the King. Aladdin comes close with his risky sword-juggling act, but only Jasmine's storytelling can engage Mamoud. But Jasmine will have to stay there and entertain the King forever...

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