Aladdin Season 1 Episode 37 The Citadel


You will Watch Aladdin Season 1 Episode 37 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Aladdin Episode 37 The Citadel. After facing off against a magical creature threatening the city, Aladdin encounters the wizard responsible for the creature, a young sorcerer called Mozenrath, who took control of the Land of the Black Sand after obtaining the former ruler's power (and turning him into a slave). Seeing Aladdin's bravery and wit, Mozenrath offers him a job, but when Aladdin turns him down, he resorts to kidnapping Genie. Now, Aladdin and his friends must rescue Genie before he is devoured by the magic devouring creature, the Thirdack. Absent: Jasmine.

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