Aladdin Season 1 Episode 46 Shadow of a Doubt


You will Watch Aladdin Season 1 Episode 46 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Aladdin Episode 46 Shadow of a Doubt. Mirage enters the palace disguised as "Sultana" and gets information on the gang; however, she soon reveals herself and her plot—a large black obelisk has been placed on the outskirts of Agrabah. As its shadow extends, it will lengthen until sunset, wiping everything in its reach out of existence. Mirage does, however, give Aladdin one clue—a mirror in a cavern on top of the world filled with many other mirrors, one which reveals the truth beneath the surface, is the only way to save Agrabah. Aladdin, Jasmine and all but Genie retrieve it, while he tries to destroy the obelisk, and they soon return, supposedly saving the city. But Jasmine, Iago and Abu notice strange things happening (i.e. no one yelling at Abu for stealing, the Sultan calling Jasmine "Princess") and Mirage takes them to her own world after they get too close to revealing her ultimate design. Once Al realizes this, it's up to he and Genie to conjure up a mirage of their own to fool the sorceress, or else lose their friends, and their city.

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