Amphibia Episode 13 Croak and Punishment/Trip to the Archives


Watch full Amphibia Episode 13 online full HD online. Cartoon video Amphibia Episode 13 online for free in HD. Sprig finds a rare and precious Blue Moon Shell and wants to give it to Ivy for her birthday tomorrow. But after cleaning Bessie's stable, he finds it stolen. He and Anne then investigate to find the thief. Their first clue, a red string, leads them to Grub & Go, where Quentin (Scott Menville), the cashier tells them that it came from Mr. Flour (Kevin Michael Richardson), the baker. After forcefully getting his customer list, Anne and Sprig go around to confront the suspects, with Sprig being the bad cop with rage. They head over to their last suspect, Gunther (Chris Sullivan), a gentle frog from the south who had to move because of a misunderstanding. Sprig starts breaking his things, which causes him to turn into a hulking tusked-frog. After the town refuses to help, Sprig apologizes and gives Gunther some donuts and he calms down. They return home and discover that it was Ivy who stole to clean it for Sprig. Sprig gives it to her, but she leaves it with him, so she knows how to get to his place./The mountain pass will clear up in one week, and to prepare for the quest to find Anne's way home, the Plantars visit the town archives for research. While the others are enjoying reading, Sprig wants to have an adventure, so he took the lens that keeps the door open and traps them inside. After many attempts to escape, Anne thinks they can escape through the skylight, but she ends up getting stuck and surrounded by giant cicadas. Sprig, using the archives blueprints, goes through the bathroom pipes to escape. He rescues Anne and accepts all the ways to help Anne get back home, whether it's boring or not.

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