Amphibia Season 2 Episode 17 - The Second Temple / Barrel's Warhammer


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Episode Description:
The Second Temple: The Plantars and Marcy reach the Amphibian Arctic to find the second temple to charge the stone, running into Valeriana once again. She tells them that she's part of an ancient order who studied and protected the temples, and only she can lead them to the temple. After moments where Anne tries to save her family and strangers, Valeriana decides they are unworthy and leaves them.
Episode Description:
Barrel's Warhammer: Sasha and Grime got the Toad-Lords together and propose, through a presentation, that they should come together and rebel against Andrias. The captains like the idea, until they found out that Sasha and Grime are to be the ones leading the revolution. Sasha demands to know what they have to do to have the armies follow them, and Captain Aldo (Ron Cephas Jones) tells them that the only way to prove their worth as leaders, they must find and bring Barrel's Warhammer. Sasha agrees and plans to having morning.

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