Amphibia Season 2 Episode 19 The Dinner - Battle of the Bands


Watch full Amphibia Season 2 Episode 19 full HD online. Cartoon video Amphibia Episode 39 online for free in HD. "The Dinner": Anne, Marcy and the Plantars invite Sasha and Grime over for dinner to bury the hatchet. While things seem nice at first, everyone becomes awkward with one another when they bring up past conflicts. Unable to contain herself, Sasha lashes out at Anne and Marcy for trying to change her. A cake Grime brought turns into a deadly challenge that forces the girls to save everyone. Afterwards, Anne tells Sasha that while she knows it is difficult for her to change, she needs to accept that she and Marcy have done so. Sasha apologizes as everyone tries the cake and find that it is quite delicious. "Battle of the Bands": To ease Sasha and Grime's presence, Toadstool holds a battle of the bands contest and the girls get together to reform Sasha and the Sharps. However, Sasha shows her controlling nature when Anne suggests a new song and she leaves in a huff where she teams up with Toadie. Sasha quickly learns that always being in control is exhausting and she needs to support her friends. At the contest, Sasha reforms with Anne and Marcy to perform the new song, but Grime wins with his three hour harp solo. Anne suggests taking a group photo before she, Marcy, and Sasha leave for home.

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