Seven anthropomorphic bath toys live a peaceful, healthy life at Benjie and Sis's house in fictional Bathsville City. Not every episode begins with the Rubbadubbers in the bathroom. Some episodes begin with the Rubbadubbers in the bathroom where they live, and in other episodes, the Rubbadubbers are found in the hallway, either on the chest of drawers, the hallway floor, or on the windowsill. After a short while, a character decides to make a wish by saying "If only" followed by whatever he/she wishes (e.g. "If only I could have all the bubbles in the world".) That particular character is then automatically escorted to an alternate reality where that "if only" wish comes true. It always turns out that if the "if only" goes wrong (e.g. having all the bubbles in the world is actually a bad idea), then the exact same character wishes another "if only" that automatically escorts him/her from the dream world back to Benjie and Sis's house. Everyone then feels happy again. Every single episode ends with Reg the robot announcing to the other Rubbadubbers that the children, Benjie and Sis, are arriving for their bath. In the dream worlds, the props and the scenery are made entirely from bathroom equipment, toothbrushes, cotton buds, soap dishes, floor tiles, sponges, shower curtains, towels, mats, radiators, fans, heating vents and even on occasion, musical instruments!

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