Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad

Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad


High school student Sam Collins is the head of a band called Team Samurai. During a recording session, Sam is zapped by a power surge and disappears, only to reappear seconds later with a strange device attached to his wrist which, at the time, is unremovable. Later after his friends Amp, Sydney, and Tanker leave, one of his video game programs, dubbed Servo, is subject to a power surge and zaps Sam again just after he has remarked, "Cool battle armor!" This time, the zap pulls him into the digital world and turns him into his creation. As Servo, he roams the digital world and fights monsters called Mega-Viruses. Meanwhile, another student from Sam's school, named Malcolm Frink, is designing monsters on his home computer when Kilokahn (an escaped military artificial-intelligence program that was presumed destroyed in the power surge) visits Malcolm via his computer screen. Kilokahn strikes a Faustian deal with Malcolm and turns his digital monster into a Mega-Virus monster that is not only capable of corrupting electronics, but is also capable of affecting the real world...

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