The Hollow

The Hollow


Adam, Kai, and Mira are three teenagers who awaken in a room with no memories of themselves or each other; the only clue to their identities are their names written on small slips of paper in their pockets. After emerging from an underground bunker they find themselves in a deep forest and venture forth to discover who they are and how to get home. Along the way, they encounter a strange character that they call the "Weird Guy", who teleports them to different regions whenever they ask 'help please'. Each region, however, harbors dangers and obstacles that the group struggle to overcome, while also discovering that they each possess superpowers; Adam has both super strength and agility, Mira can communicate with animals, breathe underwater, and swim like a mermaid, and Kai can cast and manipulate fire, as well as being a technical whiz. The trio encounters a large, talking tree who offers to send them home if they can retrieve a stolen branch of hers that has been turned in to a dangerous weapon called the Ishibo. While attempting to retrieve it, they also encounter another trio of teens; each with their own superpowers who compete with them for possession of the Ishibo. Regardless of the trials and setbacks that follow, the trio emerges victorious over their rivals and claim the Ishibo. However, Adam's theory that they are in a virtual reality game is confirmed by the Weird Guy who warns them that the glitches they have seen are a sign that the game's code is corrupted and is on the verge of crashing, and that they must quickly escape the game. After returning the Ishibo to the Iron Tree, she enables them to enter a region where they must fight a dragon. After the dragon's defeat, they enter a portal in the building that was being guarded by the dragon. Once through the portal, they wind up in the same room they started in, except for the fact that there was a green button. They press it, and exit the game, waking up in a VR tournament (filmed as live action) where they are greeted by the Weird Guy (revealed to be the show's host) and cheered by the live audience for winning the game, "The Hollow." However, as the rival team wakes up, Kai notices the eye of one of them slightly glitching.

Genre; Animation, Comedy, Drama, Science Fantasy


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