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Episode Title:
Poly matrix.
Episode Description:
The year is 2046. The overpopulation of Earth has led to the colonization of Mars—with the aid of the "first type" androids, men were able to begin terraforming the unfriendly environment of Mars and build the city of Saint Lowell. Seventy years after the start of colonization, the city is completed and inhabited by great numbers of people and "Second type" robots, much improved versions of the "First types". The story begins with a space shuttle nearing the destination of Saint Lowell's space port. On board is Ross Syllibus, a middle-aged cop from Chicago. Syllibus asked to be transferred to the Martian Police Department to escape from his past and haunting memories of his beloved one being murdered by a robot. At the Saint Lowell's space port he is to meet his new partner—a young girl named Naomi Armitage....

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