Back to the Future Season 2 Episode 6 BraveLord and the Demon Monstrux


You will Watch Back to the Future Season 2 Episode 6 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Back to the Future Episode 19 BraveLord and the Demon Monstrux. Verne has become a video game addict. His game of choice, or addiction, is called "BraveLord and Monstrux. " After neglecting his duties because of the video arcade game, Doc and Clara ground Verne to his room and forbid him from playing video games. Jules, with the help of Marty, attempt to placate Verne by using a device that would transfer the game electronically to Verne's bedroom TV screen, thus enabling him to continue to play. Unfortunately, something goes haywire with the wiring and the characters of the game come to life, while Doc is transported into the game. BraveLord, a "He-Man" muscle man, ends up in Verne's bedroom while the vile Demon Monstrux ends up at Biff's house. Verne, Jules, Marty and Clara must defeat the Demon Monstrux, get it and BraveLord back into the game and Doc back into reality. Bill Nye Segment: Examining long distance communication using a version of the tin can telephone made with plastic cups and string.

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