Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 13 Re-Connection


You are going to Watch Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 13 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 13 English version Re-Connection. Shun refuses to listen to Marucho's reasoning so Marucho enters a tournament to battle Shun. Meanwhile Wayvern suggests to Dan and Drago to go back to the memories to when they first met Code Eve and how Dan and Drago recieved their powers. After doing this Dan and Drago realize an important clue they missed when Code Eve gave them their powers. Back in Interspace, its a fierce battle between Marucho and Shun but Shun wins. However, Shun has taken Marucho's words to heart and realized the error of his ways. He and Marucho patch things up and promise to work together now. At the end of the epsiode Mag Mel tells Anubias and Sellon on why Dan and Drago can't control their powers and assigns Sellon to travel to New Vestroia and capture Dan and Drago by any means necessary.

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