Ballmastrz 9009 Season 2 Episode 8 -Dance Dance Convolution?! Egos Warped by the Hair Gel of Hubris! Atonement, Now!!


Watch full Ballmastrz 9009 Season 2 Episode 8 full HD online. Cartoon video Ballmastrz 9009 Episode 18 online for free in HD. The Leptons are approached by Milky van Montebag, a flashy manager who offers to pay them. He begins putting emphasis on Ace for his innocent appearance and soon Ace-mania begins taking the Consortium by storm. The rest of the Leptons become annoyed as Ace's newfound fame resulting in Gaz confronting him. She reveals that she was once part of a wealthy family and joined the Game to find excitement. Managers took advantage of her and she spiraled into drugs, resulting in her going to rehab and leading to what became of her today; a change she is actually proud of. Ace ignores her and the Leptons kidnap him and follow Milky to a sweat house full of workers made up of Lulu's species. The Leptons battle Milky and his robots and free the workers. However, Ace still has strong feelings for his fame, much to the annoyance of the team.

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