Battle Girls: Time Paradox Episode 10 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Battle Girls: Time Paradox Episode 10 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Battle Girls: Time Paradox Episode 10 Online English dub Double Suicide Maiden.As the trio stop by Honnouji on the way back, Hideyoshi reads up on her history of her world, in which Akechi betrayed and killed Nobunaga. Overhearing Akechi talking to herself about potentially killing Nobunaga, Masamune tells her to test her bonds first and gives her some supposedly strong sake. That night, Akechi ties up Hideyoshi and offers the sake to Nobunaga until she passes out, before setting the inn she is on fire. Before walking into the flames herself, Hideyoshi breaks free and stands before her, telling her that she should face her feelings before heading inside to search for Nobunaga. As Akechi goes in after her, she finds Nobunaga, who stops her from throwing her life away by reminding her how important she is to her. When Akechi stops breathing as a result of taking in too much smoke, Nobunaga performs CPR on her to bring her back. As Hideyoshi continues to search the burning building, she discovers Masamune attempting to steal the Crimson Armor. As she awakens after being saved by her, Hideyoshi comes to realization that Masamune is actually her teacher. As Masamune escapes with the armor, she is confronted by Ieyasu.

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