Ben 10 (2016) Special - Ben 10,010


Watch full Ben 10 (2016) Special - Ben 10,010 online full HD. Cartoon movies Ben 10 (2016) Special - Ben 10,010 online for free in HD. In a distant future, where Gwen is President of the United States, the Earth is under attack by an alien horde called the Xerge. Gwen leads the resistance against the threat with some of the Tennyson's old foes. Ben, on the other hand, has been out of touch with his family for a long time. After being persuaded to come out of retirement, the grown-up Ben returns to the past to ask young Ben for help. Only together can they repel an attack that threatens the future. Omnitrix alien debuts: Surge Omnitrix (Future) alien debuts: Spidermonkey and Buzzshock Antitrix alien debuts: (by Future Kevin) Humungouraptor

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