Big City Greens Season 2 Episode 28 -Ding Dongers/Animation Abomination


Watch full Big City Greens Season 2 Episode 28 full HD online. Cartoon video Big City Greens Episode 58 online for free in HD. "Ding Dongers": Remy is addicted to a new app called Ding Dong where people post short videos of themselves doing crazy things. Remy discovers that his videos become massively popular when Cricket does things that harm himself and he pushes him to his limit. Meanwhile, Gloria gives Tilly her phone and she tries to make Phoenix famous to no avail. "Animation Abomination": Cricket and Tilly discover that Gloria is working as an intern at an animation studio and force themselves to come over to see them make their favorite show Kingdom of Lore. While Tilly suggests the perfect ending, Cricket suggests a lousy one that the animators choose, forcing Tilly to stop the production. Guest star: Zeno Robinson as Remy, Anna Akana as Gloria, Monica Ray as Kiki, Lamar Woods as Weezie, Luke Lowe as Benny, Shane Houghton as Blane, Caldwell Tanner as Itchaboi, Chris Diamantopoulos as Ed Zecutive (Chris Houghton as Topher)

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