Big City Greens Season 2 Episode 30 -Cousin Jilly/Gloria’s Café


Watch full Big City Greens Season 2 Episode 30 full HD online. Cartoon video Big City Greens Episode 60 online for free in HD. "Cousin Jilly": Cricket reminisces on his cool cousin Jilly, unaware of the fact that it was a character that Tilly made to beat his boredom. She decides to revive the character to keep the charade, but cannot be in two places at once. Meanwhile, Nancy takes advantage of Gramma's hospitality when she calls her a guest rather than a family member. "Gloria's Café": Gloria fails to get a loan to jumpstart her Parisian café business, but quickly learns that the empty Big Coffee building next door was not locked properly. With Cricket and Tilly's help, she runs an illegal café. However, Bill, Nancy and Gramma become suspicious to its secrecy while Officer Keys begins to snoop.

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