Big City Greens Season 2 Episode 7 - Heat Beaters / Bill-iever


Watch full Big City Greens Season 2 Episode 7 full HD online. Cartoon video Big City Greens Episode 37 online for free in HD. Heat Beaters": On the hottest day in Big City, Remy shows up to challenge Cricket to a game of H-O-R-S-E. Cricket does not have the stamina to complete the game, but notices that Remy is unusually jovial despite the heat. The rest of the Greens stay indoors to use their new air conditioner, but find themselves trapped in the ever freezing house./ill-iever": Cricket finds Gramma's old mobile scooter and joy rides it, resulting in the garden getting destroyed. Cricket quickly blames the situation on aliens which Tilly and Gramma buy into, but Bill is ever skeptical. However, Cricket proceeds to make an elaborate set up so that Bill can fall for his ruse, but it works too well.

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