Black Clover Episode 148 English Dubbed


Watch full Black Clover Episode 148 English Dubbed streaming online. Black Clover Episode 148 English dub online for free in HD. Asta manages to escape with Noelle and Secre. Nozel and Fuegoleon arrive, causing the Believers to try attacking them; unfortunately this summons a dragon from the strong magic region. Dazu and Bow are shocked when the Bulls save them and defeat the dragon. Vangeance arrives with Damnatio. The Believers fear Vangeance means to execute them, until Vangeance points out most of them have committed no crimes. The Believers struggle to believe royal captains would bother to negotiate with commoners until Yami points out he became a Captain despite being a commoner and a foreigner. Nozel and Fuegoleon apologise for the discrimination the Believers have faced and swear to improve Clover society. Vangeance even reveals his scarred face to show how committed he is. Convinced, most of the Believers return home. For their crimes Damnatio exiles Dazu, Bow and three other Believers who were once members of the Magic Parliament. He offers them a portal to a safe destination outside the kingdom but they instead opt to enter the magic region on foot to reach the Spade kingdom, still hoping to gain devil powers. Dazu returns Asta’s Grimoire so Asta swears to make the Clover kingdom a better place, even if the Believers are too far away to see it. As they leave the Believers warn Asta unless society changes, someone else will finish what they started. With his Grimoire returned Asta returns home.

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