Black Clover Episode 150 English Dubbed


Watch full Black Clover Episode 150 English Dubbed streaming online. Black Clover Episode 150 English dub online for free in HD. Grey decides to overcome her chronic shyness and asks Noelle for help. As Grey is not shy when she transforms into other people Noelle suggests she transform her state of mind instead. Grey approaches Gauche who summons mirrors forcing her to see herself from multiple directions, but she becomes so nervous she can’t transform her mind. A butterfly passes by and somehow hypnotises her, allowing Gauche to order her to not be shy. Grey becomes more confident but returns to her old self when Gauche asks her to turn into Marie and tries to hug her. Gauche points out it doesn’t matter who she transforms into, she’ll always be Grey, making her feel better. Elsewhere Captain Charlotte realises most of the Blue Roses have boyfriends, yet she hasn’t spoken to Yami in weeks. The Roses advise that since they might die fighting the Spade Kingdom she should confess to Yami soon. When Charlotte instead focuses on training the Roses suggest a joint training session with the Bulls might be beneficial. Charlotte tries to ask Yami about the training but becomes embarrassed again and flees. The Wizard King seizes upon the idea of joint training and, to raise the morale of the citizens, decides to hold public training sessions where the Captains duel each other.

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