Black Rock Shooter: Dawnfall Episode 11 English Subbed


Episode Title:
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
Episode Description:
An emergency call is received from the reconnaissance unit to the Colonel that the iron sea is spreading rapidly around the orbital elevator. Although he started a strategy meeting at the campsite, the colonels cannot hide their confusion due to unexpected events. Meanwhile, the Astronomical Observatory reported that the launch of what appeared to be a weapon was confirmed from the surface of the moon, and that the orbital elevator was connected several hours ago. Still, the Colonel did not change his strategy, telling the entire army that he wanted to send Empress close to the orbital elevator and destroy it. That evening was a brief break until the start of the battle. Each one spends his or her own time for the final battle. And one hour before landing. The peacebuilding army's self-propelled artillery unit begins firing. Finally the final battle begins.

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