Bleach Episode 281 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Crown of Lies, Baraggan's Grudge.
Episode Description:
Baraggan survives Suì-Fēng's bankai, though half his face has been destroyed. In anger, he fires out his Respira attack until he rots away Hachi's right hand. However, Hachi removes his hand using a barrier and transports it inside Baraggan's body, causing him to start deteriorating painfully. In a flashback, it is revealed he was once the ruler of Hueco Mundo until dethroned by Aizen, Gin and Tōsen. In the present, Baraggan, taking his final moments to remember his vow to reclaim his throne someday, tosses his axe at Aizen, but it disintegrates and Baraggan dies. Stark shows distress at his death and vows to avenge him.

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