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Episode Title:
Back Home, But Not Really.
Episode Description:
The Black Curtain exits inside Fuyumi's room and Staz immediately begins criticizing her plain lifestyle. Afterwards, Staz suggests that he enroll as a transfer student at Fuyumi's high school and they run into her upset father but Staz sprays him with his diluted saliva altering his behavior and explaining that it possesses the property of controlling humans. Later, Staz enters into a fit of excitement while marveling at the human world, and upon arriving at Fuyumi's school, sprays its entire population with his saliva thus allowing her to fit in as if she never left. Fuyumi soon learns that the chemical only creates false memories, at which point, her body starts disappearing much to her shock. Staz has her suck some of his blood, which restores her demon existence. Afterwards, Staz finds himself strangely uninterested in sucking the blood of humans other than Fuyumi. Later they return to Fuyumi's house to discover a woman calling herself Bell Hydra. Bell reveals that she didn't leave the Black Curtain out by choice and that she had known about Staz's doppelganger to which Staz wrongly deduces that she intends to blackmail him into giving up his territory, before she uses spatial magic to transport him to point in the human world and threatens to kill Fuyumi if he doesn't get an item from a demon clothing store for her. Afterwards, Bell explains that she had been looking for the person who stole the Black Curtain from her. Meanwhile, Staz enters into a pointless fight with the store owner, until Bell and Fuyumi show up with the latter explaining that Bell had only been testing Staz in her search for someone with powerful magic. Finally Bell reveals that the only thing capable of bringing Fuyumi back to life is "The Book of Human Resurrection" which she had sold to the boss of the Demon World's Western District—Wolf.

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