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Episode Title:
Unidentified Demon Object.
Episode Description:
Liz's zombies easily defeat Staz although he repeatedly challenges them with the same result. Meanwhile Franken deduces that Fuyumi's condition can be stabilized with a dose of Staz's blood. He further explains to Wolf that ghosts have the unique ability of becoming a single demon species by absorbing their magic; digressing that if Fuyumi absorbs all of Staz's magic she may be able to rival another demon. Back in Acropolis, Braz learns of Staz's arrival and the Blood family reunites, with the former refusing to help Staz. After a little sibling rivalry involving Liz's envy of Braz's preference to Staz, Braz proposes Staz with a deal. Meanwhile, Bell reveals to an angered Wolf of Franken's hidden intention of using Fuyumi to combat a failed experiment called Artificial Demon No. 9: Akim Papradon, a monstrosity he created using bodily pieces of other demons. Seeking stronger parts however, Akim escaped from Franken's laboratory and began hunting demons. Wolf makes a deal with Franken that should he defeat Akim, he would return Fuyumi to being a regular ghost. Simultaneously, Braz explains the same matter to Staz, proposing to teach him the resurrection spell should he help defeat Akim, which the latter refuses. Braz continues that after unlocking Staz's tremendous magic power via his experiments, he was forced to seal it until a time when Staz could properly wield it. Refusing to have the seal removed, Braz has Liz's zombies beat Staz to the point of having to use his true power. Meanwhile, with Bell's help, Wolf arrives at the North District in his search for Akim and engages in a battle with the territory's boss. However, much to Wolf's horror, Akim suddenly appears by grotesquely ripping through the boss. Finally, as the zombies overwhelm Staz, Braz removes the bullet seal, awakening Staz's true power and thus allowing him to easily eradicate the zombies.

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