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Episode Title:
Liz, For the First Time.
Episode Description:
Bell delivers Braz and co. back to Franken's examination room where Fuyumi and Mamejirō wait. As Braz meets Fuyumi for the first time, his initial interaction with her angers Staz, prompting him to reject Braz's help and uses his temporary method of restoring Fuyumi with his own blood. Afterwards the group heads back to the Third Eye Cafe after Braz makes a request to see Fuyumi's original body. Bell also reveals her suspicion of Braz to Staz and gives him a magical bell which would summon her when Fuyumi requires assistance. Eventually Braz takes a sample of magic from Fuyumi and explains that he should be able to resurrect her by converting her magic into a soul and replacing it inside a replicated body. Having obtained all he needs, Braz leaves for Acropolis while leaving Liz behind and unbeknownst to Staz, plans on extracting Staz's magic from Fuyumi's sample for his own experiments. Afterwards Staz shows Liz around the Eastern District and buys her a stuffed animal before returning to the cafe for a bite to eat made by Fuyumi. Some time later, Staz deduces that Braz had forbidden Liz from returning to Acropolis until his experiments are complete and allows her to stay at his place whilst introducing her to his otaku collection. Meanwhile, a strange blond man observed the group. Afterwards Fuyumi and Liz start bonding by taking a bath and even sleeping together. The next day, Liz wakes up to a note explaining that Fuyumi seems to have left and asks that they not follow her, but Staz and co. deduce that she had probably been kidnapped and set out to search for clues. Liz reveals that Braz had planted a tracker on Fuyumi and Staz pleads with her to return to Acropolis and get Braz's help. Meanwhile, Mamejirō, Saty, Yoshida and Deku obtain a lead on the blond suspect who was last seen heading towards the southern part of the Demon World.

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