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Episode Title:
Two is a Treasure.
Episode Description:
Liz arrives in Acropolis and is immediately confronted by Acropolis Policewoman, Constable Beros. Beros allows her re-entry into the district on the condition that she take her to Braz so that he can be arrested for illegally leaving Acropolis. Afterwards, Liz informs Staz that she had failed to locate Fuyumi using Braz's equipment while he is simultaneously approached by a member of the Southern District's tropical territory who takes him to the territory's snowman boss. Here Staz learns that the blond hairred-man called Knell Hydra lives in the inaccessible Dimensional Highway. Meanwhile, as Knell stops off at a ramen restaurant Fuyumi gains the opportunity to signal Bell using the bell she had given her. Meanwhile, Liz acquires Fuyumi's position and relays this to Staz. As Knell flees in response to Fuyumi's signal, he is intercepted by Bell where she learns that he was simply running an errand for their mother. Just then Staz appears and angrily demands that they return Fuyumi prompting Bell to aid her brother and imprisons Staz in her Grid Room hence allowing Knell to escape using spatial magic. Here, Staz tries and fails to reason with Bell, angering her to the point of goading him into a battle when he prioritizes Fuyumi above herself. Bell then materializes her spatial magic and seems to gain the upper hand on Staz until he traps her in his own magic causing her to escape by abandoning her lower body clothes including her carrying bag. However, when Staz begins to investigate the bag and happens upon her diary, Bell immediately surrenders to prevent him from seeing its contents. Afterwards, as Bell takes Staz to Fuyumi, she laments that he still hasn't noticed her feelings for him. However Staz surprises her by realizing that however good his intentions initially seem they always invite unforeseen consequences and allows Bell to vent her frustration on him.

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