Blood of Zeus Episode 8 - War for Olympus


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Episode Title:
War for Olympus.
Episode Description:
Hera offers the Giants the oceans if they kill Zeus. Overhearing this, Poseidon returns to Olympus with Apollo, heals Zeus (Zeus used his lightning to close his wound), and reveals where Hera has the cauldron. As the battle for Olympus begins, Heron, Alexia, Kofi and Evios infiltrate the demons' camp. Zeus and Poseidon kill most of the demons and Giants, so Hera attacks Zeus. Heron realizes the cauldron is being held high in the sky by Hera's crows. Zeus overpowers Hera, allowing Heron to retrieve the cauldron while the leader of the Giants wounds Zeus. Hera is betrayed and almost killed by the Giants' leader, but Zeus sacrifices his own life to save her. Seraphim severs Hera's right arm, taking the cauldron while Hera flees...

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