BoBoiBoy Season 2 Episode 4 The Football Game (BoBoiBoy VS Fang)


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Episode Title:
The Football Game (BoBoiBoy VS Fang).
Episode Description:
As arranged the previous week, BoBoiBoy with Gopal, Yaya, Ying and Iwan worked together as a team in a football game. While Fang also worked with Adu Du and Probe as another opponent to beat BoBoiBoy in the game. With this, Mr. Papa Fair (who is just Papa Zola) became a referee in the match. However, during the match, Papa Fair had fainted due to a strong kick from Yaya, who was aiming for Probe, as he was mocking her. Therefore, Adu Du and Probe tried various ways to beat BoBoiBoy by 'cheating'. Team BoBoiBoy soon decide to use their powers to counter Team Fang's cheating. In the end, team BoBoiBoy win because of Iwan been hit by a ball, and Papa Zola punish Adu Du, Probe & Fang for burning the soccer net.

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