Brady's Beasts Season 1 Episode 1 How to bond with a Banshee


You will Watch Brady's Beasts Season 1 Episode 1 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Brady's Beasts Episode 1 How to bond with a Banshee. Brady and Virgil hear strange noises emanating from the Plunkett family basement. They discover a big hole dug up by a Banshee. She wants payback for being locked up for the past 300 years, so she haunts the Plunketts, assuming they are the relatives of her original captors. The Banshee proceeds to possess Brady's family, turning one after another into slave zombies under her control, making them do things completely out of character. Brady struggles to free his family from the Banshee's mind control. Will Brady manage to save his family, and appease the Banshee's wrath before she manages to control him too?

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