Broken Blade Episode 6 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Fortress of Lamentation.
Episode Description:
After Girge's death, Baldr and his men carries Rygart and Delphine back to Binoten before the Athenians arrive. Borcuse decides to invade Binoten with his current forces without waiting for the rest of the Invasion force. Meanwhile, Narvi, Nile and Loggin manages to survive and try to return to Binoten with Nile's broken Golem. As Rygart becomes distraught over Girge's death, Sigyn, with the help of her engineers and a Orlando merchant named Greta, builds a new Quartz armor and weapon for Delphine. When Borcuse's forces finally arrive, he orders them to attack Binoten in three directions with Io and Bades leading the other two while Captain Sakura rallies the defenders. As Krisna and Athens fight a brutal battle inside the streets of Binoten, Rygart watches the battle from afar while Delphine's power source is recharging and is being fitted with new armor. Baldr and his men finally arrive where they battle Bades' men while Narvi, Nile and Loggin get new Golems to join the fight. After the Delphine power has finally been recharged, Rygart finally joins the battle and relieves Sakura as he battles Borcuse. During this confusion, Sigyn allows Cleo to escape but not before they say goodbye. As the battle rages on while Sigyn tries to finish the weapon, Baldr kills Bades, Nile finally defeats Io, leaving him alive and Rygart continues to battle Borcuse which the latter realize that the former is an Un-sorcerer. Sigyn finally finishes the Delphine's new weapon, a giant Shuriken with a harden quartz rope and gives it Rygart to fight against Borcuse. As everyone watches the battle between Rygart and Borcuse, Borcuse is able to dodge most of the attacks by the shuriken but Rygart finally lands a hit at Borcuse's Golem at the legs and damages the body. Borcuse comes out of his cockpit and keeps shooting at Rygart with his gun and after remembering his moments that led to the war, Rygart kills Borcuse. With Borcuse dead, his men immediately began to retreat thus ending the battle. In the aftermath, Nile and Loggin comforts Narvi after she learns of True's death, Loquis does not take the death of Borcuse's very well while Zess and Erekt goes searching for Cleo after hearing her escape and as Rygart, Hodr and Sigyn are reunited, Rygart cries with joy upon learning his brother Regatz is alive at Binoten.

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