Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 7 Survival


You are going to Watch Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 7 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 7 Online Survival. Jack extracts rubber from trees, while Laschard blasts a ravine disturbing a family of Stegosaurus and getting himself trapped. Wilhelmina has uncovered a train. Hannah knew a similar train with toxic material nearly wiped out her people, so she and Jack get some flowers which are an antidote. Wilhelmina assigns Laschard to kill Jack. His attempts fail. Wilhelmina tries to abort Laschard's assignment when she sees the ill state Mustapha is in, Laschard doesn't listen. Jack and Hannah fail to get Laschard's car as a cutter stands guard. Next day Jack turns a group of cutters against Laschard and diverts the cutters into a river. Jack and Hannah reach the Sea City and provide the flowers for the antidote.

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