Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 9 Remembrance


You are going to Watch Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 9 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Episode 9 Online Remembrance. Jack and Hannah successfully evade a Shivet and uncover a storage capsule, with a hibernating man. The man is called Adamus. Jack takes him and Hannah to meet an old friend Captras. As Adamus prevents an accident, Hammer spreads word of his presence to Wilhelmina. Jack evacuates Adamus and they run into the Shivet again. When Adamus drives it away, Jack discovers Adamus is an android, while Wilhelmina uncovers the capsule and a codebook inside. Adamus is suspected to dangerous and sure enough Wilhelmina arrives and Dr. Fessenden takes control of him. As Wilhelmina uncovers an explosives cache, Adamus fires a missile causing a volcano to erupt. Hannah turns Adamus against Wilhelmina. Jack and Adamus successfully block the volcanic lava flow from the settlement. Adamus is put back into his capsule.

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