Candy Candy Episode 69 English Subbed


Watch full Candy Candy Episode 69 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Candy Candy Episode 69 English sub streaming online. White rose of memories. Franny disapproves of Candy's emotionality as Candy grieves and mourns the loss of Mr. McGregor and gets clumsier by the day. Merry Jane's advice is not as cold as that of Franny, but she reminds Candy that the loss of one patient should not affect her work: some patients die, others go back home, and Candy needs to find a way to internalize it. It was known beforehand that Mr. McGregor could never be cured. But him being the first patient Candy lost, Merry Jane sends Candy back to Pony's Home. But first Candy decides to take a detour to Mr. McGregor's house, where Miena attacked the overseer while he was dividing Mr. McGregor's possessions and now they are hunting Miena to shoot her. At the secret lake where Mr. McGregor used to take Miena fishing with him, Candy encounters Miena and before anybody can do her harm, she leaves with the dog to take her to Pony's Home. Candy comes across a villa with a rose garden with Sweet Candies growing. The old gardener of the Leagans works there and took one of Anthony's roses with him in memory of him. But the villa is owned by the overseer, who is still out for vengeance. When the gardener explains that Candy is the girl his favorite rose was named after, the man relents to Candy's wish and lets her take Miena with her to the orphanage.

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