Candy Candy Episode 79 English Subbed


Watch full Candy Candy Episode 79 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Candy Candy Episode 79 English sub streaming online. The shadow under the spotlight. Candy arrives at the Elmore Theatre barely on time. But great-aunt Elroy frostily denies her a seat in the Ardley theatre box, because Candy herself wanted to abdicate her adoption. Candy races off in search for an alternate seat and finds one at the unused upper-level. After the play she hopes to meet Terry, but neither backstage, nor when Terry leaves the theatre does she manage to meet him. Candy attempts to cry out above the star-struck crowd and for a moment Terry thinks he recognizes Candy's voice, but dismissing it as impossible, he and Susanna ride off. Candy's hopes are crushed as much as her evening gown, and she wanders through the streets alone in defeat, while Eliza's gossip of Terry being involved with the actress Susanna spooks her mind. At the reception in honour of the play, Terry sees Eliza. Realizing the Cornwell brother, Eliza and Neil are in Chicago, Terry becomes more sure that he did hear Candy. Then Sussana hands him a handkerchief with his initials that Candy accidentally left behind in the upper booth. He recognizes it as one he gave to Candy in London to treat a wound; putting two and two together, Terry races off in search of Candy. He has to find her before the morning when he has to leave again.

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