Central Park Episode 6 -Rival Busker


Watch full Central Park Episode 6 online full HD online. Cartoon video Central Park Episode 6 online for free in HD. Griffin, the new narrator, immediately takes over Birdie's job. He explains how as narrators, they are not allowed to take part in the story and thus, Birdie lost his narration privileges when he gave vital information to Paige ("First Class Hands"). The park has installed an owl cam for a nest that will go live at night. While Owen and Cole are excited, Paige wants to continue reporting on Bitsy and decides to book a stay at her hotel with Molly coming along. Owen and Cole immediately become concerned for the baby owls and rush out to help them, only to get stuck in the tree. Bitsy discovers that Dmitry, one of her investors, needs to hold a wedding for his daughter Anya and demands a spot at the hotel. As everything is prepared, Anya suddenly disappears. Griffin once again warns Birdie of the dangers of getting close ("Too Close"). Molly discovers Anya and soon Paige learns of the wedding. Anya does not want to marry her fiance because of her father's mob connections, but Molly and Paige convince her to go through with it anyway with Anya confirming that Dmitry is in league with Bitsy ("Show Up"). Birdie ignores Griffin and rushes out to rescue Owen and Cole; declaring that narrators should also be guardian angels. To Griffin's shock, this works and Birdie is reinstated as narrator.

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