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Watch full Central Park Episode 8 online full HD online. Cartoon video Central Park Episode 8 online for free in HD. Molly and Brendan have resumed their relationship and privately voice their love for one another ("I'm in a Perfect Relationship"). The rest of the family support her relationship with Brendan, but when Cole suggests they invite him over for dinner, she is reluctant especially since Paige cannot stop asking questions and Owen's pizzas notoriously fail. Meanwhile, Shampagne pees on Bitsy's bed and she calls dog expert Augustus to help out. He informs Helen that if Shampagne begins biting, he is a TOSGANO (This one sucks get a new one) and Helen hatches a scheme to get Shampagne removed ("TOSGANO"), only for it to once again fail. Bitsy puts an article out about how Central Park is a dump which Owen and Paige read and are offended by. As Molly brings Brendan over, she discovers that he is a Brandenham and struggles to keep this a secret from her parents. Owen rushes out with Birdie to perfect the pizza and despite dropping it on the floor when he gets home, everyone discovers that it tastes good. Paige gets Brendan to reveal his namesake and he in turn reveals Bitsy's plan to buy the park. Despite this, Owen and Paige are unfazed by Molly's relationship with Brendan and are glad with how things turned out ("Imperfectly Perfect"). Molly and Brendan kiss, poorly.

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