City of Rott


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Episode Title:
City of Rott.
Episode Description:
The story begins after the Earth's water supply has been infected by a strange parasite known as Rot Worms. Rot Worm eggs were delivered by rain, and there's no place on the planet that is free from the worms. Once hatched, they begin feasting on human flesh, turning their hosts into mindless zombies. The film revolves around Fred, an elderly man with a walker, which he uses as a weapon. Fred appears to be losing his mind, believing his walker speaks to him as he travels through an infested city on a quest for a new pair of shoes. While searching a mall for the shoes, Fred encounters a recently bitten nurse. With no knowledge of a cure for the infection, the nurse quickly becomes a zombie, forcing Fred to flee the mall. Outside, he meets Jon, a skilled shooter who decides to help Fred escape the city. However, Fred loses his walker in an ensuing scuffle with zombies, where it gets taken from him by the nurse. Unwilling to abandon his closest friend (even as his slippers assume the role of inanimate speaking object), Fred abandons Jon by stealing a motorcycle. The motorcycle runs out of gas on a bridge, leading Fred to be surrounded on both sides by zombies. Fortunately, he manages to recover his walker from the nurse and kill numerous zombies, though he is unable to finish off the nurse herself. After fighting his way through the hoard of undead, Fred rescues another survivor, an old man carrying a bottle of prune juice. However, the man flees from Fred.

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