Clannad Episode 12 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Hidden World.
Episode Description:
Kotomi returns the violin to Rie Nishina and becomes friends with her. Kotomi changes her usual routine and starts attending her classes. Kyou invites Tomoya, Nagisa, Kotomi, and Ryou to go out together as a group and have fun at a local carnival. While they are at a claw crane, Fuko makes an appearance in, but no one seems to remember her. The next day, Nagisa runs up to Kyou thinking Ryou got in a bus accident, though when they rush to the scene, they find no one was hurt; however, when Kotomi sees the accident, she has an emotional episode and collapses while screaming out. Kotomi leaves early that day, but when Tomoya, Nagisa, Kyou, and Ryou go to see her later, there is no answer at her house. After they leave, Tomoya goes back and runs into the strange man from earlier; he finds out the gentleman is an acquaintance of Kotomi's parents. Tomoya ends up going into Kotomi's house and finds her in a room with newspaper clippings on the wall reporting on the death of Kotomi's parents. Tomoya then finally remembers that he met Kotomi years ago when he was a child.

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