Clifford the Big Red Dog (2020) Episode 11 -Mount Norma/Hide and Sneak


Watch full Clifford the Big Red Dog (2020) Episode 11 online full HD online. Cartoon video Clifford the Big Red Dog (2020) Episode 11 online for free in HD. "Mount Norma": The kids are inspired by a news story to pretend to be mountain climbers and scale a "mountain" of their own--the local hill. Meanwhile, the Fire Chief assigns Bailey and Tucker to deliver a box of cookies sent from his Aunt Norma to Emily Elizabeth to share with everybody, but Seagull takes the package and Bailey and Tucker try to catch up to him to save the box by going up the same hill. When the kids' final stretch turns into a race to the top and name the "mountain", they find the new name already awaiting them there. "Hide and Sneak": The friends are playing an epic game of Animal Star Rangers Hide-and-Seek to save the galaxy! When Clifford’s size makes playing hide-and-seek difficult, Emily Elizabeth finds a creative way to help him. Meanwhile, after Clifford brings Willa down from a tree, Willa starts playing a game of tag with a red butterfly, that partly takes her through the Animal Star Rangers' Hide-and-Seek. Willa moment: Willa and the gopher play a game of Hide-and-Seek in the park, but when the gopher starts taking advantage of the many holes he has dug, he realizes that he's hurt Willa's feelings by not playing fair.

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