Clifford the Big Red Dog (2020) Episode 2 -Get Along Little Kitties/Very Big Riding Hood


Watch full Clifford the Big Red Dog (2020) Episode 2 online full HD online. Cartoon video Clifford the Big Red Dog (2020) Episode 2 online for free in HD. "Get Along Little Kitties": Miss Clayton hosts a kitten adoption event, but the six kittens up for adoption manage to escape. Emily and Clifford help out using methods inspired by what they read in a cowboy book, and attempt to find a home for the grey kitten that's the most playful of the them. "Very Big Riding Hood": After hearing that Bailey has a stomach ache, Emily and Clifford set out to cheer her up with a box of heart-shaped treats. However, the treats become popular with the other animals, and for each animal they come across on their way to her house, Emily and Clifford gives them one. When they reach Bailey's house, there aren't any treats left for her, but they still attempt to cheer her up. Willa moment: While exploring the librarian's living room, Willa becomes frightened when she suddenly begins seeing another kitten that looks just like her. Fortunately, a curious mouse is able to show Willa that she's been looking at her own reflection the whole time.

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