Concrete Revolutio Episode 3 English Dubbed


Watch full Concrete Revolutio Episode 3 English Dubbed streaming online. Concrete Revolutio Episode 3 English dub online for free in HD. An Iron Couple. Haneda Airport recovers from what seems like a terrorist bomb attack, though no threat or demand was sent. Detective Shiba suspects superhuman involvement, but all the evidence is taken from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police by the Superhuman Bureau, so Shiba tries following a lead to Yatsuka Heavy Industries. Along the way, Shiba meets a girl named Mieko, but quickly discovers that she is a robot as the Superhuman Bureau intervenes and Shiba is caught in an explosion. While Shiba recovers at the Bureau, Professor Hitoyoshi mentions that Mieko was the "female" half of a human-looking robot pair, programmed to seek out a "male" counterpart to form a large explosive in enemy territory. Jiro wants to capture Mieko alive, but Shiba and others at the Bureau want the robot destroyed to prevent an explosion in a populated area. Despite Jiro's efforts, Shiba takes matters into his own hands, but Mieko decides to jump into a reservoir and self-destruct without killing anyone.

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