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As Kanon chases after the train, Shion protests to Kanon that her life is slowly depleting due to the overuse of her powers. As Onihei and his men races to the old capital by helicopter, Ibara tries to reason with Kanon while defending the train against her attacks. Despite Kanon knocking her out, Ibara manages to stop Kanon by using Haruto's last grenade to blow up a water tower above Kanon, damaging the robot spider. Although Shion is rescued, Kanon chooses to die for having no purpose in life, but Ibara convinces her otherwise by becoming friends. Gennai, who is dying from radiation poisoning after rescuing Oyakata, passes away peacefully after finally seeing the sunset on the skyscrapers. As thanks for rescuing her and Shion, Kanon reveals to Ibara a location where the rescue team may land their helicopter. Everyone is overjoyed when Taeko successfully delivers Ibuki's twin babies. With all of the survivors rescued, the Coppelions say goodbye to the JAXA survivors, but not before giving them a picture of the group before their departure and Ibara naming Ibuki's twins Riku and Sora. As they leave the capital, Onihei reveals to the JAXA survivors the saddening secret about the Coppelions. Ibara, Aoi and Taeko continue their mission to rescue more survivors, with Kanon and Shion joining them as well.

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