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Ibara and Aoi find the dog injured and Taeko taken hostage by a survivor, having to subdue him as a result. The survivor, Mitsuo Kawabata, asks for their help in finding his daughter Miku, bringing them to an underground home, where a ration truck used to come weekly for survival. He, his wife Yukiko and his late wife, who is Miku's mother, were prisoners who escaped during the confusion of the meltdown, due to why he did not call for help. Mitsuo, believing Miku might be at her late mother's grave in a stadium, takes Ibara and Taeko there while Aoi stays with Yukiko. Meanwhile, Onihei learns that the hazmat suit from the survivor they rescued has better protection than theirs. Ibara and Taeko discover that Miku is not in the stadium and learns from Aoi that Yukiko has disappeared. After learning from Aoi that Yukiko went to prison for killing her own child and wants to be a better mother for her stepdaughter, Ibara realizes that Yukiko took Miku hostage because she did not want to leave Tokyo. Thanks to Taeko's dog, the Coppelions track Yukiko to a leaning hotel, where she reveals that her husband would be arrested, leaving their daughter alone, if they were to be rescued. After convincing Yukiko for her stepdaughter's sake, half of the hotel collapses, but Ibara is able to save Miku due to Yukiko's sacrifice. Hoping to get Mitsuo from the stadium, Onihei sends Ibara by helicopter, but due to the stadium's dangerous radiation levels, Mitsuo slowly dies while remaining grateful to the Coppelions for rescuing his daughter. Before Onihei leaves with the girl, Aoi apologizes to Miku that they could not save her parents, but they must go to find other survivors.

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