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Ibara's entourage is attacked by Kanon and Shion, prompting them to hide in an abandoned supermarket. Haruto contacts them and explains that the Ozu Twins were cloned by an actress named Kuon Ozu who was secretly a serial killer. Ibara is captured by Kanon and Shion, who have allied with the Ghosts. After Ibara manages to escape thanks to a stun grenade, she and her entourage then manage to commandeer a First Division tank. With Kanon and Shion chasing them on their motorcycle, Ibara tricks Shion into using her super strength to punch through the tank's hydrogen tank to trap her, shooting a cannonball at both sisters, consequently knocking Shion unconscious. Kanon survives the blast and stuns Ibara using her powers of electricity. Kanon reveals her hatred of humans came after eavesdropping a conversation between Haruto and Onihei that the Coppelions will someday die. With humans using them as dolls, Kanon wants them to die so the Coppelions will be the new dominant race. However, Ibara is unswayed and defeats Kanon by using an electric cable to diffuse her powers. As Ibara leaves Kanon and Shion tied up, No-sense consoles Aoi. Later, Haruto and the rest of the survivors at the Planet learn that due to Kanon and Shion placing barrels of radioactive waste around the city, the radiation is spreading due to an upcoming storm.

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