Corduroy (TV series) Episode 11-12-Flight Of Fancy/1 + 1 = 2


Watch full Corduroy (TV series) Episode 6 online full HD online. Cartoon video Corduroy (TV series) Episode 6 online for free in HD. What a beautiful day for kite flying. Moppy and Lisa revel in watching their kite's soar with the breeze, until their competitive spirits rise too. They are so keen on flying their kites higher than the other's, their kite's end up stuck in a tree. Now working together, the pair constructs one kite out of makeshift parts, and Corduroy is given a soaring ride in the sky.Lisa has spent her day at school learning about dinosaurs, and now she's going to build her own dinosaur out of pipe cleaners. Corduroy decides he's going to make a dinosaur too, out of felt. When Lisa meets her pipe cleaner dinosaur in her imagination, the dinosaur is terribly cold. When Corduroy meets his felt dinosaur in his imagination, the dinosaur is terribly wobbly. But by working together, and making one dinosaur out of both pipe cleaners and felt, they construct the perfect Stegosaurus.

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