Corduroy (TV series) Episode 15-16-Toothache/Mop Top


Watch full Corduroy (TV series) Episode 8 online full HD online. Cartoon video Corduroy (TV series) Episode 8 online for free in HD. Lisa doesn't tell Mom about her toothache, for fear a visit to the dentist's office will mean a big needle. But when Corduroy comes to Lisa about his hurt elbow, Lisa realizes the importance of asking for help when help is needed. Change isn't easy to accept. Just ask Moppy and Corduroy. Moppy is delaying a dreaded visit to the Barber's for a much needed haircut. And Corduroy worries that his new blanket means he has to give up his treasured old blanket. Lisa finds a way to help reassure both her friends.

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