Corduroy (TV series) Episode 19-20-Yours, Mine And Ours/Say Cheese


Watch full Corduroy (TV series) Episode 10 online full HD online. Cartoon video Corduroy (TV series) Episode 10 online for free in HD. A neighborhood block party has everyone out in heritage dress, dishing up ethnic cuisine. Moppy eats his way through the party, rudely pushing ahead of line-ups, and eagerly grabbing more than his share of food samples. Not only is Lisa is disturbed by Moppy's greedy behavior, she's finding Corduroy is also being a bit selfish, unwilling to share a piñata they won together in a contest. Mrs. Cho gives Lisa a disposable instant camera, and Lisa zestfully sneaks up on her friends in the apartment building, taking snapshots of them in embarrassing poses (such as Mom in curlers and face cream). When, to her displeasure, Corduroy starts snooping around in her cedar chest, Lisa realizes she hasn't been respecting other people's privacy, and starts asking friends' permission before taking their photographs.

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